Came across and experienced this beautiful course called YES!+.

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After my friend convincing me for the course I did the yes+ but after experiencing the course myself i felt  i really  wanted something like this long ago …. wanna know what’s  YES+ is all about

Everyone understands their enlightened side differently. For one person it’s the side that can take a final without stress, for someone else it’s about re-connecting with a level of freedom experienced only as a kid, and for a third person it means taking responsibility for the world around them. When we are in touch with our enlightened side we are happy, we are in the moment, and we naturally want to help others get there too. This is the basis of yesplus.

yesplus workshops help you live in your enlightened side
Temporary happiness is easy, we can get that through a number of experiences, people, and even substances. But how do we stay in that place, how do we build on it, and achieve sustainable happiness? That is where the yesplus workshop comes in.

yesplus projects are a natural expression of living with sustainable happiness
When you feel better, you feel more connected to the world around you. When you become more aware, you see what is going on and want to do your part. Graduates of the workshop take responsibility for fixing some big problems happening right now in the world, and you can do the same.

Well reading this wont help u at all come and experience it yourself an  know it!


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