Thank God! The “I” dissolved into the ocean before “I” retired to sleep again…

what an expereince of upanayanam

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

My little hands were busy building the most beautiful and magnificent sand castle in this whole wide world.


Nobody would have seen something so well crafted, so well designed, I thought to myself. Determined to reach perfection, I toiled like I had never before, putting all the efforts I possibly could, to achieve my goal. I was almost there and now only a flag was missing. ” After adding the flag I would prove my castle’s supremacy over all the pieces of art in this world”, I found myself day dreaming again..



Wow! It did looks magnificent, I thought to myself. I couldn’t wait any longer as there was so much excitement in me for the future galore that I ran as fast as I could to fetch MY flag… 

It took me a long time to complete the important task at hand, as it was a challenging job…

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